History Chapter I

History Chapter I


know us

We are a couple of friends who are fans of visual arts, fashion, extreme sports, among other things, and we decided to create something that would represent all the tastes we share.
The project of creating a brand occurred to us in 2008, on one of those nights where we got together to talk a little about everything and in which no one imagined that this great project would be born that today has given us so many things. At that time we sowed the seed of the idea, it had no name, we didn't know anything about fabrics, clothing, serigraphy; but if we knew something, it was that we had a goal, an objective, which was to create this brand.
The next thing was to look for the name, we looked for words in Spanish, in English, combinations, in the end we chose Differently, which means differently, since our ideal has always been to do things in a different way, nothing copied. We made some sketches, we had a couple of designs and we even had a dozen flannels printed, but the project was not finished due to things in life.
Years passed and we decided to resume the project again but this time in a much more serious way, we needed to change the name in order to get rid of that which prevented us from materializing the project in the beginning but without changing the ideals. We wanted something different, something that the public liked but in a different way, and someone told us a phrase like: "What about you? Are you going to make ugly clothes to make it different?" And boy, did he hit the nail on the head. Thus the name UGLY came about. Since at that time it seemed Real to us, many people criticized our way of expressing ourselves, so we received it opportunely. After that, it has been a long road to get here, but if we are sure of something, it will not stop and we will continue to rise and make the ugly herd bigger and bigger #UGLYHERD
Lovers of Style , Sports , Nature , Graffity Music We are Art
photo 2010. Barquisimeto edo Lara
UGLY splits into three fragments
  1.  The studio @uglyestudio It is where the magic happens for our brand and external work Any type of AudioVisual content, Marketing, Design among others.
  2. The Brand CLOTHES UGLY It's our brand. Our hallmark, what we are as a company, art, life, comfort and a lot of flow. With a variety of products for your day to day and for that special occasion Products 100% manufactured by us with style and unique designs. In reduced       STOCK.
  3. The store @uglyshop.us It is the official store in the United States (Coming soon with international shipments) Authorized to sell the variety of products of our UGLY HERD label. and essential accessories to make life more pleasant for all our customers.
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